Specializing in the user experience, interface and graphic design.
Client: Ohio Department of Education
Type: Web Sites
Discription: I was hired, as a contractor at the Ohio Department of Education in the IT department to design and create web application to support administration needs for the ODE. My designs help guide parents, teachers and schools to secure financial help with various government funding, and help communicate state statistics to parents and schools about their local districts compared to other districts within Ohio.
Client: empowerID
Type: Web Site
Discription: This is our newest version of the company website that should be coming out in the next few weeks. Designed and implemented by me. Responsibilities included design, graphics, HTML, and CSS.

Client: empowerID
Type: Web Site
Discription: This site was built on the Bootstrap platform for its resizable capabilities to mobile phones and pads. I designed, provided the technical illustration and built the site.

Client: empowerID
Type: Mobile Native App prototype
Discription: This was a exploritory design for a native app that user would use from their phone.
Client: empowerID
Type: Web Site
Discription: This screen was developed so when a user "manager" has finished shopping for access for the people he or she will have the opportunity to continue to shop for access from a short list of previously chosen people.

Client: Personal
Type: Phone Native App Prototype
Discription: Working through a personal project to see where the idea would take me the concept was to have the ability to manage passwords through the app and that the app would notify you when the password was due to expire. I liked the color combination and graphics I thought it added a unique look to the app.
Client: empowerID
Type: Web Site
Discription: This is a org chart designed for EmpowerID developed for the user's page. I designed it to start with user perspective then they are able to drill up or down from their current position.

My Info
UX Design Software
UI/Graphic Design Software
Adobe Creative Suite
Development Software/Tools
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio.Net
Dream Weaver
Bootstrap framework
media queries
Lite JQuery Javascript