Client: Ohio Department or Education
Type: Web Site
Discription: I was hired, as a contractor at the Ohio Department of Education in the IT department to design and create web application to support administration needs for the ODE. One of my projects was the redesign of the ODE's Report Card website. This site was made for districts and schools to see their grade from statics gathered through out the year.
The Brief: I was tasked with the job of redesigning OED's Report Card Site. The Objective of the redesign was to stream line, re-organize the content and make the site responsive depending browser window size. My responsibilities included the re-design comps, implementing all html, css and adhering to all OED design standards set forth by the state.

Challenges: Some of the Challenges I faced with the redesign was the original design was done by the person who tasked me with the job. There was allot of aspects of the original design that we had to keep in the new site. Fortunately as the new site progressed we were able to make changes that weren't considered in the beginning. This site was also done in Angular. This was my first experience with Angular and the git process. So there was a bit of a learning curve for me and how an Angular project is laid out.

Design Phase: During this phase as I analyzed the old site to come up with a plan some things were pretty evident that the graphics that were placed on the pages fought for your attention. The graphics were leading your eye away from the content. By removing the graphics the and adding shapes around the grade the user's eyes were then led straight to the number one thing the users go there to see the grades for their school or district. I also pulled the colors from the old site that weren't necessarily state standards but were already approved from the old site which gave me more options with colors to work with.

Implementation: My role in implementing the site was to provide all HTML, CSS "Making sure it matched state standards.". Teaming with the developer who handled the third party graphs and set up the angular project I was able to assist him with all visual aspect of the site during the development phase.

Report Card's website

Fun Facts

This was a fun fact about the site, they had the site on the Columbus news about the grades for schools and districts.