Client: EmpowerID
Type: Web Site
Discription: This screen was developed so when a user "manager" has finished shopping for access for the people he or she will have the opportunity to continue to shop for access from a short list of previously chosen people.
The Brief: Working to improve the user experience after the user "manager" shops for their employee's access the user would have to click through the screens again to access those employees. Users requested an easier way to get back to recent employees they have shopped for.

Discovery Phase: Worked closely with the help desk team, the discovery phase was aimed at gaining an understanding of how the users shop for access and the frequency the mangers use the application to gain access for their people.

Design Phase: During the design phase I developed the new markup structure within the application. I wanted to use photos as a way of visually making the connections of identifying the people being shopped for. I tested my theories on click throughs using Invision to connect screens and swap out as the testing phases progressed.

Click Through